Application Preparation: SPA Services and Timeline

Application Preparation is the process of completing the other tasks beyond writing and editing that are required before a proposal is ready for submission.  The other required tasks and materials to be completed relate to the application, budget, coordination, and compliance.

Generally beginning 2-3 months before the actual submission, SPA provides the following services that assist with application preparation:


  • Review the PIN (Proposal Intent Notification) submitted by the PI
  • Review the funding opportunity, sponsor guidelines and policies
  • Set up the proposal’s specific timeline and checklist of materials and designate responsibilities
  • Meet with the PI and project team to review the project scope
  • Set up the application and complete administrative portions


  • Create a budget and lay out the budget justification

Coordination & Compliance

  • Obtain administrative and budget materials from subcontracts and other collaborators
  • Ensure the proposal is compliant with the sponsor, CUNY, federal and local policies
  • Review and secure Departmental and Institutional Approval for the proposal
  • Submit the application


SPA’s developmental and comprehensive proposal services require early proposal notification in order to result in a streamlined institutional approval process that ensures a successful proposal submission.

The following timeline summarizes the application preparation services and the time periods in which key tasks should be accomplished (click to expand):

To access SPA Application Preparation Services, contact, 212-413-3331.