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Advancing public understanding of high-end science

The ASRC is a center dedicated to science in the public interest — and to interesting the public in science. Through educational programming, the ASRC strives to inspire young people to pursue careers in the sciences and to develop a more scientifically literate general population. The ASRC’s outreach programs are designed to foster mutually-beneficial partnerships with established educational organizations to enhance their curricula and programming with the unique capabilities possible at a world-class research facility. We are particularly interested in strengthening the STEM pipeline by increasing participation and proficiency at every level by bolstering educational opportunities for high school and college students.

In addition to supporting student learning, we also promote community engagement and awareness through informal science cafes open to the public where scientists lead conversations on topics in the news. These programs are aimed at promoting science interest and literacy beyond the walls of academia, offering a chance for people who are not versed in the sciences to learn about complex topics in understandable language.

Science Discovery & Education Center (expected opening: 2016)

The Science Discovery & Education Center seeks to inspire, engage, and enrich hundreds of high schoolers each month by emphasizing the human element of cutting-edge scientific research. Our goal is to promote understanding and passion for high-end science, especially within our community in Upper Manhattan.

Our interactive learning space will feature dazzling media and hands-on displays that showcase the fundamental elements and real-world applications of the research being conducted at the ASRC. Each initiative boasts its own immersive exhibit, while a massive 25 foot wall will highlight the interdisciplinary nature of modern science and how this research is relevant to daily life.

Through experiment demonstrations, research presentations, and small-group discussions, ASRC scientists will help contextualize much of what visitors learned in the Science Discovery & Education Center. Visitors will leave with an improved understanding of 21st-Century science — its every-day relevance, fundamental concepts, and the career opportunities available therein.

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For more information, please contact:

Camille Santistevan
Discovery & Education Center Manager