The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center brings the nation’s leading urban public university to a landmark moment in its multibillion-dollar commitment to innovative science. The ASRC focuses on CUNY initiatives in five dynamic fields of applied science: Nanoscience, Photonics, Structural Biology, Neuroscience, and Environmental Sciences. Through its innovative architectural design, the center reflects a uniquely collaborative culture, where scientists work across disciplines to take on some of global science’s most vital and tantalizing challenges. >

CUNY ASRC Exterior

Great Universities Need Great Science
The ASRC is the culmination of a decade of unprecedented investment in science research and education at the nation’s leading urban public university. The new flagship research center will be a catalyst for that commitment and a renewal of CUNY’s legacy of world-class discovery.


ASRC Science: Thinking Globally
What do chronic water shortages mean in a volatile and nuclearized region like South Asia? Or in our country when farmers, industry and city dwellers argue over finite water supplies?


We gratefully acknowledge that funding for the ASRC was provided by New York State.